Newsletter Issue#1 from Google Ad Planner. The Issue includes:

Webinar Invitation for Advertisers

Date: Friday, November 20th
Time: 12pm PST
Event number: 967 257 234
Event password: planner
Registration password: agency1
Call-in (US/Canada): 866-699-3239
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Webinar Invitation for Publishers

Date: Tuesday, November 24th
Time: 9am PST
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Google Ad Planner updates for advertisers

  • Research ad placements
  • View subdomain data
  • Access more granular publisher data
  • Visualize audience data with an interactive graph
This aims to help advertisers to build better-targeted media plans. Google Ad Planner has more detailed data which now includes ad placements, subdomains, and publisher-shared Google Analytics metrics. There is also an interactive graph for proper evaluation of sites that shows its reach and relevance.
Google Ad Planner updates for publishers
  • Opt-In additional Google Analytics metrics
  • Claim your subdomains
  • Delegate site management
  • Promote your site profile with the Ad Planner Badge
Publishers will have a better way of promoting their sites in Google Ad Planner. Through Google Analytics metrics, advertisers will be able to view relevant data from a publisher's site. Profile information can be created for publisher subdomains. To attract advertisers, a badge can be displayed on a publisher site. By allowing additional users to access Google Ad Planner, a publisher will have an easier time to manage a site.

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