The results of the 2009 Licensure Examination for Teachers, held in October was released Monday by the Professional Regulation Commission.

According to the PRC, 8,045 elementary teachers out of 43,086 examinees (18.67%), 26 Accelerated Teacher Education Program (A.T.E.P.) graduates out of 146 examinees (17.81%) and 10,792 secondary teachers out of 38,339 examinees (28.15%) passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (L.E.T) given by the Board for Professional Teachers on October 4, 2009 in 23 testing centers throughout the country.

The results of the other two thousand eight hundred sixteen (2,816) examinees were withheld as per Board Resolution Nos. 34 & 35 (A) dated October 30, 2009, No. 38 dated November 5, 2009 and Nos. 42 & 44 dated November 13, 2009, Series of 2009.

Based on R.A. No. 7836, also known as the “Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994”, “Every registrant shall be required to take his professional oath before practicing as a professional teacher” (Sec. 18).

The current Board for Professional Teachers is composed of Dr. Brenda B. Corpuz, Officer-In-Charge; Dr. Reynaldo T. Peña and Dr. Faith M. Bachiller, Members.

Tickets for the oath-taking will be available at the Office of Professional Teachers, 3rd Floor, PRC Annex Building for NCR and Region IV passers starting November 18, 2009 (Wednesday) and at the PRC regional offices for the passers from the other regions.

Reports of Rating will be distributed to successful examinees on the day of the oath taking ceremonies, except for N.C.R. and Region IV.

Registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card (ID) and Certificate of Registration will be announced later.

The following list are the requirements for the issuance of Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card (ID):
1) duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal;
2) latest Community Tax Certificate (Cedula);
3) 1 piece 1” x 1” picture (colored with white background and complete name tag);
4) 2 pieces 2” x 2” picture (colored with white background and complete name tag);
5) metered documentary stamp for the Oath Form;
6) Initial Registration Fee of P600 and Annual Registration Fee of P450 for 2009-2012.

Successful examinees should personally register and sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals.

List of Successful Examinees in the L.E.T. - ELEMENTARY - A.T.E.P.- All Regions

Seq. No. N a m e

1 Abdulazis, Pairods Abdullah
2 Adam, Abraham Sanduyugan
3 Alam, Rigan Suhaili
4 Balindong, Jehan Sultan
5 Buat, Samaliya Deong
6 Canacan, Abraham Mamalumpong
7 Dali, Abdulkarim Imam
8 Dimao, Norodin Adim
9 Dud, Hasmin Cabalo
10 Duloan, Abdulgani Gumaga
11 Edris, Abdel Raffi Sali
12 Edza, Abu Hurairah Mangansakan
13 Edza, Doking Juialani
14 Gana, Norhata Adam
15 Garay, Abdulkadir Shariff
16 Gayak, Mohaliden Giuabar
17 Haron, Naima Esmael
18 Hashim, Racma Sabdula
19 Kongkong, Mohamad Guiaplos
20 Mangacop, Faridah Botawan
21 Matangkoy, Datuali Pananggulon
22 Omar, Mosanip Usop
23 Palisaman, Guiahar Kalun
24 Pandarat, Asria Gumander
25 Radzak, Normina Sanday
26 Saracan, Abdullah Abdul

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