Manny Pacquiao wins his seventh title in seven different weight classes by stopping Miguel Cotto at the 2 minute mark of the 12th and Final Round. Pacquiao has again carve his way to boxing glory by becoming the only boxer to achieve such feat! It turned out to be a no-contest as Pacquiao dominated the taller Cotto right from the opening Round. Cotto went down twice and was battered by Pacquiao throughout. Referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight when Pacquiao launched a persistent attack on Cotto right from the start of the Final Round. Pacquiao took home the WBO Welterweight and WBC Diamond Belt.

The judges of the fight were Adalaide Byrd, Duane Ford and Dave Moretti. La Diva sang the Philippine national anthem while Emilia Rosario sang the Puerto Rican national anthem. US anthem was rendered by Ramiele Malubay.

Pacquiao marches towards the ring while the song "Eye of the Tiger" was being played.
Michael Buffer was the announcer as usual and draw the crowd wild with his popular chant - "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!"

Herewith is the Blow by Blow account of Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight:

Round 1: Cotto starts to jab and connect, while Pacquiao jabs back. Cotto connects with left hook that shook off Pacquiao a bit. Cotto jabs while Pacquiao takes his time. Pacquiao connects with 1-2. Pacquiao tries to slip, attacks, but Cotto holds. Cotto presses attack, Pacquiao lands left hook, wobbles Cotto a bit.

Round 2: Pacquiao starts jabbing and throws a left straight. Cotto fights back, showing some speed over Pacquiao. Pacquiao keeps hands up and shows defense. Pacquiao connects a left straight, and throws some combinations. Cotto appeared to have thrown a low blow. Pacquiao rattles Cotto with big left hooks, explosive punches! Cotto seems to be hurt! Cotto tries to trap Pacquiao in the corner but Pacquiao escapes!

Round 3: Cotto attacks while Pacquiao positions at the center of the ring. Cotto connects with left, Pacquiao throws a 1-2-3, downs Cotto! Cotto was able to get up but Pacquiao attacks again. Pacquiao presses the fight but Cotto recovers. Big punches were thrown by both fighters. Pacquiao jabs in , connects with left, and then dances away from Cotto. Cotto was warned to keep his punches high. It was a big Round for Pacquiao!

Round 4: Cotto jabs, and throws a big left, that back off Pacquiao. Cotto resorts to body punches but Pacquiao throws 1-2, and an upper cut. Pacquiao's attack wobbles Cotto's knees. Pacquiao on the ropes waited for Cotto to attack, but escapes. Another big punch puts Cotto down 20 seconds left in Round 4! Cotto survived the round again!

Round 5: Cotto tries to attack but Pacquiao boxes from the distance, showing some intelligence. Pacquiao lands a combination again, forces Cotto to defend wearily. Pacquiao was hit and moves to the center then jabs and connected. A flurry of punches by both fighters before the round ends

Round 6: Cotto again started jabbing and seems to be in attack mode, but Pacquiao throws a hook, an upper cut and connected with big right hook! Cotto dances away, but Pacquiao chased Cotto hitting him with 1-2 combination. Pacquiao throws another 1-2-3 combination, and Cotto holds on for dear life. Cotto lands jab but Pacquiao attacks again and wobbles Cotto. Cotto taps Pacquiao's cheek.

Round 7: Pacquiao throws a big right, that reeled Cotto. Cotto throws a straight and then a hook but Pacquiao seems unaffected. Pacquiao moves forward while Cotto tries to dance away but Pacquiao hunts Cotto and connects another 1-2 combination before the bell.

Round 8: Pacquiao is showing confidence now as Cotto suffers bruises under his eyes. Cotto dances and keeps backing away from Pacquiao. Pacquiao traps Cotto at the ropes and throws a 1-2-3 combination and then steps back. Pacquiao smelling blood now, keeps following Cotto and connects an upper cut and a hook.

Round 9: Pacquiao hits his gloves showing impatience over Cotto. Cotto attacks with 1-2, but Pacquiao fights back. Cotto's face is a now a mess with his right eye swelling while Pacquiao's face remains clean. The dominating look of Cotto at the start has been translated by Pacquiao into an easy target now.

Round 10: Cotto started to attack again, but Pacquiao shows his preparedness with his defense. Pacquiao attacks again, and Cotto tries to hold on but Pacquiao stays away. Pacquiao walks forward trying to hunt down Cotto who seems to retreat always, and uses the ring to stay away from Pacquiao. Pacquiao attacks again before the round ends. Cotto's face is really a mess, nose bleeding, right eye puffed, and has a small cut in the left brow. Obviously, Cotto is trying to gain some wind by running away from Pacquiao and preparing for one big push later.

Round 11: The fight now reminisces of the Cotto-Margarito fight when the Puerto Rican was trying to stay away from Margarito. Pacquiao still persistent, connects with 1-2-3-4 combinations! Pacquiao tries to trap Cotto in the corner but Cotto moves away, and jogs around. Cotto counter punches, and gets boos from the crowd. Pacquiao is just dominating Cotto, and showing ring dominance. It seems like Cotto has learned a lot from Muhammad Ali's style - dancing away from the opponent. The only difference is that Cotto's style is cowardice.

Round 12: Pacquiao chases Cotto, but Cotto throws a left hook. Pacquiao catches Cotto with 1-2. Now Pacquiao is unstoppable, 1-2, 1-2 combinations! Keny Bayless steps in and stops the fight just seconds over 2 minutes in Round 12!