The Daily Mail UK has reported, a book throwing incident that happened during a congressional campaign rally in Philadelphia. Who's the target? The book thrown was reportedly aimed at US President Barrack Obama.

As of posting, the person who threw the book, is not yet identified, and the motive why the book was thrown has not been established. The book throwing incident might have revealed some lapses on the President's Secret Service security as the book almost hit President Obama.
The book throwing happened while President Obama was delivering a speech to get the support for his Democrat Party members. President Obama is campaigning hard to win seats for his Democrat Party in the upcoming US congressional elections on November 2.

The US media later have bombarded President Obama's Secret Service with questions about the incident.

In 2008, an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at former US President George Bush during a press conference held in Baghdad.

Here is the video of the ‘Obama book throwing’ incident.