Lenovo ThinkPad R61i Running Windows 7
My Lenovo ThinkPad R61i has been with me for almost a year now. Windows 7 was officially launched last October 22, 2009. With all the hype about the new and improved features of this new Microsoft Operating System, I can say that based on my over-a-week experience the Redmond based company has done its homework very well this time. The startup time is impressive and is comparable to Windows XP, or better. Shutting down the system is also very smooth and clean much like Linux type of operating system such as Ubuntu and CentOS. Another good thing which I think Microsoft has heeded the call of consumers and the courts is that you can now turn off other features of Windows 7 which you don't like such as Internet Explorer 8, Media Player and so on. This definitely saves up on memory usage which usually makes Windows crawl in opening up other applications. Windows 7 users can now have the feeling of being in control of the operating system and not the other way around. Start up of applications such as the ever popular MS Office 2007 is now more enjoyable. Windows 7 is definitely a fit to my Lenovo R61i and has unleashed its true ThinkPad power. At this point, I congratulate Microsoft for a job well done. Fittingly this day, November 1, 2009, we can bury the memories of the Vista experience.