Part of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's Message in his visit to South Korea

“The economy went through a set of changes on a global basis over the course of the last year which are, I think is fair to say, once in a lifetime,” Ballmer told a meeting of South Korean executives in Seoul.

Spending on information technology, which accounted for about half of capital expenditures in developed countries before the crisis, was unlikely to rebound fully because capital was more scarce these days, he said.
“While we will see growth, we will not see recovery,” Ballmer said.

This Microsoft outlook seems to be a very negative outlook from the mightiest software company in the world. Does this mean Microsoft will likely to cut more on its spending the way it cut benefits of its executives months back? Does this mean Microsoft has accepted the fact that its downturn is now imminent? Is it really the global crisis that Microsoft is weary about or the challenge brought about by the aggressiveness of search giant Google? Is Microsoft feeling jittery over the pressure that Google is giving on its operating system? I think instead of Microsoft issuing pessimistic outlooks, it should generate interest on Technology market and raise up the level of confidence in the said market. With its vast resources, financially and marketability, Microsoft should take the lead in driving the market to greater heights and lead the market to recovery. I still believe that being optimistic will produce positive results. The Technology market is not dead and it's not the time to sleep. Let Technology lead us to recovery, not just growth.