The internet has been in existence for so long now, but still a lot of businesses has not dip into cloud as a means of expanding or even starting their transactions. What seems to be holding everyone in the sideline? Here are some of the perceived factors that keeps some people from going to the internet to sell their products:

  • Profitability - A lot of companies does not think the internet will serve as a milking cow for them. Since a lot of "dot com"(.com) companies have closed down due to heavy losses, this has brought down the viability of internet business. Many believe that there is not enough money in the internet.
  • Security - There are a lot of threats in the internet. Virus, spyware and fraud are so prevalent thus bringing down the confidence level of businessmen. Others believe that protections such as anti-virus, anti-spyware are only good for known threats.
  • Competition - Other companies feel inferior to other products. Since the internet is a worldwide scene, makes competition level much higher.
  • Legal Protection - There is not enough law that governs the internet. The internet is being used worldwide but laws are made only in some countries.
  • Loyalty - The internet does not guarantee loyalty for a specific product since transactions are not personal in nature, and sometimes no interaction at all.
  • Acceptance - Businesses believe that it will not be appealing to their customers if they go to the internet. Third world countries for a fact still has a high percentage of digital divide, thus, internet is still not accessible to a lot of people.