To boost the information and acceptability drive of the upcoming 2010 automated elections, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and its automation partner Smartmatic, launched two websites - I.B.A Na Ngayon and Bagong Botante.

The first site aims to teach all Philippine registered voters on how the new process will be done through slideshow, and videos. This videos are available in English and Filipino. The whole voting process is broken down in three steps. There is also a demo on how to fill up the new ballot and how a particular precint count optical scan (PCOS) machine operates.

The other website aims to create awareness of the automated elections by involving the Filipino public. The site is similar to a social networking site that allows users to interact with all its members.

With the obvious low internet usage statistics we have in the Philippines, COMELEC and Smartmatic also prepared an offline version of the website. They identified malls and restaurants as key areas where they can place this offline kiosks. The COMELEC also is preparing a caravan as part of educating the Filipino voters.

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