Yesterday, I was so upset with Google Adsense. Today, I got a surprise from them. After the "backlash" I gave Google with the way they handled my application, I was thankful that today, November 13, 2009, 12:43pm, less than 24 hours when I resubmitted my application, I received a welcome email from Google Adsense. It was indeed a Lucky Friday the 13th for me. Hooray! Cheers to Google.

Luckily? Or was I able to really convince them to accept my site because I removed all other things within my website except all my posts? I still don't know. It still a big puzzle how one can really pass Google's criteria. But thanks anyway to the Google Adsense team for giving me the opportunity to publish my site together with their ads. I just felt that working with Google this way is really a privilege. With their strict approval, one should really possess a great amount of patience. I must admit that I felt so relieved and proud having been accepted even though I went through a gruelling waiting period and rejection. It's really a better feeling to attain your goal when you work hard for it and fight for it.

For those who are aspiring to apply for Google adsense, maybe I can list down several tips to pass Adsense criteria based on my own experience. But this are all assumptions on my part. As I have said, it is still a great puzzle on my part how they were able to reconsider my site after telling me that my content are unacceptable. Anyway, here is the list of pointers:

  • For new publishers, you must have significant number of posts before applying to Google Adsense.(at least 5, maybe)
  • If you have a new site, do not place links to other sites.(I think Google is worried that you are promoting other sites that might be harmful to their ads)
  • Be consistent with the layout of your site. Do not change the positioning of the site content.
  • If you have a lot but short posts(200-500 words), you better place at least 5 posts on your homepage. But if you have long posts(a thousand words or more), 1 post shown on your homepage or landing page will do.
  • Do not put a lot of widgets within your site that it might look as if they are ads.
  • Have a regular post if you post short posts. Have a more lengthy posts if you are posting irregularly. Google might also be calculating the significant ads to be shown on your site based on the keywords within your posts.
To all upcoming Google Adsense applicants, I wish you luck and remember to be patient. The puzzle within their approval criteria might also be a part of their over-protection of their advertisers.