I resubmitted my site to Google Adsense last November 1, 2009 because of "Unacceptable site content". I waited for 11 days which they said should only took 1-2 days up to a week for their response. Unfortunately, Google replied today, November 12, 2009, 2:28PM and still my site has "Unacceptable site content". I just keep wondering what content do I have that makes it unacceptable. Google could have beeen more friendly by being specific which part of my site makes it unacceptable. After removing all other things except for my posts, I resubmitted again my application today, November 12, 2009, around 8PM. This time I am not expecting them to approve my application because of this post. I just do hope that Google would be friendlier to others who will apply for Google Adsense in the future. I just do hope they will also respect the posts made by publishers and bloggers before saying that their sites are unacceptable. It's like you are accusing someone of a crime but you didn't presented any evidences.